Bronte by Moon’s designs are the latest addition to our website. With its vibrant display of colours and contemporary patterns, they are the perfect addition to your home, adding a touch of comfort and luxury. So what makes Bronte by Moon’s products so popular? Their combination of innovative designs and colours and traditional methods of manufacturing help create a product of the highest quality and design.

Bronte by Moon was born from the combination of companies Bronte Tweeds and Abraham Moon & Sons. Bronte Tweeds prided itself on its traditional manufacturing of rugs and throws, whilst Abraham Moon & Sons have been producing high quality wool fabrics since the 1800s. 

Born from their traditional Yorkshire mill, it is here where the company carry out all the processes involved in creating the fabric, including the dyeing, blending, and weaving. The company still use design books dating back to the 1800s, in order to look for inspiration in new fabrics or to create a vintage design. This has allowed them to produce the highest quality of designs and fabrics for generations. Bronte by Moon prove to be a trust-worthy brand to confide in for comfort and quality, whilst dedicating themselves to their craft that represents the British company’s fine heritage and history.