When trying to buy new cookware for your home, it can be difficult with a wide range of choices available out there. Here at Aubina, we have created a guide to help you find the best product suitable to your culinary needs. 

Our Judge Vista range offers an extensive range of pots and pans including Milk Pans, Saucepans, Chip Pans, Stockpots and Steamers. Created with mirror polished stainless steel, each pot and pan is made with thick bases, making it easy to use on all types of cookers - whether it be ceramic, induction or gas.

We also offer a various range of cookers created by the Judge Brand.

With our Rice Cookers, you can cook a whole range of rice dishes, or even spice things up with a curry. It operates with a range of efficient cooking times, and creates ease of use with its one-touch operation system, allowing you to create the perfect meal.

Our slow cookers also allow you to create meals at any given time, whether it be within hours or spread out through the day. With its efficient energy saving insulation lid and its simple, operational settings, the slow cooker is a worthy addition to your kitchen.

Other cookers on offer include our Electric Skillets, which are perfect in creating breakfast foods like pancakes or French toast, with its versatile settings and non-stick surface for easy cleaning.

Other products in Judge cookware also include our grill range, consisting of sandwich toasters and table grills. With its non-stick cooking plates for easy cleaning and adjustable temperature settings, you are able to create efficient, time-saving meals without added hassle or stress.