Stellar specialise in enhancing your culinary skills and abilities through their production of affordable premium kitchen utensils, useable by even the most demanding of chefs. Through this, we at Aubina are able to showcase the James Martin Range, designed by top UK chef, James Martin himself. Each knife is specifically designed to James Martin’s cooking conditions, allowing any chef to use it for their culinary needs.

Created with the ideal chef in mind, each knife has a variety of uses in the kitchen including cutting, dicing, mincing, and carving. The knives are made from Molybdenum stainless steel, creating a sleek design. They are available in a variety of sizes and types including Carving knives, Bread knives, Sharpening knives, Steak knives and cleavers.

Not only does the James Martin range showcase uniquely designed knives, but they are also a variety of pots and pans available, which are also designed by James Martin.  These utensils are designed with forged bases, allowing even heat distribution on all hob types. The types of pots and pans on offer include Saucepans, Frying pans, milk pans, and electric woks.

The James Martin range produced by Stellar proves to be a professional choice when trying to achieve the perfect cooking experience, tailored to every chef’s needs.