Another quality brand showcased through Aubina include Ibena. They take pride in their production of high quality blankets and throws, having done so since 1826. The Ibena collection is one of a kind, woven with the finest fabrics found in Germany, creating comfort and enhancing any room with its unique design.

With over 200 years of experience in the creation of these fabrics, Ibena are a brand you can trust for quality fabric. Since establishing the company, they have excelled in expanding into a recognisable world-wide brand. In 1968, with the fusion of management and a focus on company strategies, they were able to break into a competitive, global market to achieve 25% growth in revenue. They have continued to grow since then, creating effective distribution and production through the modernisation of the company, as well as having a dedicated team of staff on board to create intricate and stylish designs and patterns.

With a 200-year history, continuous growth and a dedication to their craft, Ibena have proven themselves to be a worthy choice when purchasing high quality blankets and throws.