When deciding on a new duvet set to spice up your night’s rest, The Fine Bedding Company are the best choice in comfort at a quality price. But what does the Fine Bedding Company have to offer?

Here at Aubina, we have created a guide to The Fine Bedding Company’s best duvets that we can offer.  


The Spundown range offers the best experience in comfort and convenience. What makes the Spundown range different? It is created with an advanced Smartfil© technology that is compressible, allowing the duvet to fit inside domestic washing machines. The fibres are able to return to their original plump shape, allowing the duvet to retain its quality feel and plump shape.  It is available for Single to Super King beds, and is available in sizes 4.5 tog, 7.0 tog and all seasons. The Spundown range is also available in matching mattress topper and firm pillow.


Tired of restless nights due to being too warm in bed? The Breathe range may be the right choice for you. Its combination of Smartfil© technology and ingredient Modal makes the duvet breathable, allowing moisture to be wiped away from your body as you sleep, creating a temperature controlled environment to sleep in. Its light weight and soft texture creates the best possible sleep for you. The Breathe duvet range is best experienced when paired with its Breathe Pillow.


Wanting to turn your bedroom into the ultimate sleeping haven? The Fine Bedding Company has created the Boutique range which offers the finest in luxury silk duvets. With its sleek Jacquard design and combination of Smartfil© fibres and silk material, the Boutique range offers a unique bedding experience for you to enjoy. For the best bedding experience, pair the Boutique duvet with its Boutique firm pillow.

With their top range of quality duvets, The Fine Bedding Company are an excellent choice for the ultimate bedding experience.