The Fine Bedding Company is an excellent choice when deciding to enhance your good night’s sleep. But what makes The Fine Bedding Company’s duvet ranges so special?

The Fine Bedding Company has a history of using the finest technology in the creation of their bedding products. They use Smartfil© Technology to create this experience.

Smartfil© is comprised of clusters of small, resilient and glazed fibres which settle to create even distribution in the duvet. The duvets are specially manufactured so that more air can flow through the duvet, creating maximum comfort due to its soft texture and light weight.

The Smartfil© technology in their pillow range is comprised of mini ball clusters which continue this even distribution, as well as provide firm support to the head and neck. It is extremely useful, as the clusters retain their shape even after washing, increasing the quality and lifetime of the product. They are the alternative to natural bedding due to being non-allergic, and are able to retain their quality over use and time.

The Fine Bedding Company prove to be an excellent choice in bedding experience, due to its quality materials used and durability created by the unique Smartfil© technology.