Here at Aubina, we offer the finest blankets and throws available from the Ibena range, including the unique and individually styled Sorrento and Messina ranges. But what makes these blankets and throws curated by Ibena so unique?

One of the benefits of buying a throw from the Sorrento or Messina ranges includes the use of the softest cotton to create these throws. Aside from its soft texture and intricately woven design, the cotton used in the throws is durable, and can withstand years of washing through hot or cold temperatures. Cotton fabric is also hypoallergenic, meaning that it won’t cause an irritation or allergy to the skin. The cotton throws created at Ibena are also insulated, meaning you won’t be spending your winter shivering in the cold, nor feeling too hot in the summer.

With a care for high-quality throws in both design and craftsmanship, Ibena is a trust-worthy choice when deciding on your next blanket or throw.