The Bronte by Moon collection features a vast range of pillows and throws created with the finest quality of Shetland wool and Lambswool. Here at Aubina, we have created a small guide into the advantages of wool in pillows and throws, and have detailed the differences between quality Shetland wool and Lambswool.

The benefits of using wool are that it is durable, meaning that it will maintain its shape when stretched or washed continuously, and last for generations to come. Wool is also useful in regards to colour and design, through its excellent dye-holding properties, offering a unique design. It is biodegradable - meaning that it is environmentally friendly – and allows regulation of body temperature whether it be summer or winter.

Shetland wool is fine, glossy wool that is reared from sheep in the Shetland Islands of Scotland. It is warm and had a light weight, and is available in a limited number of natural colours. The various products produced by Bronte by Moon that contain Shetland wool include the Huntingtower Check, Windowpane Check, Herringbone, and Skye check ranges.

Widely considered to be the highest quality of sheep’s wool available, Lambswool is taken from young sheep during their first shearing. It is soft, durable, elastic and creates a silky texture. Lambswool is a comfortable but also hypoallergenic option, making it a fine choice for pillows and throws. The various products produced by Bronte by Moon that contain Lambswool include Patchwork Merino, Spot Merino, and Variegated Windowpane Check.

With a dedication to selecting the finest wools and materials for their blanket and throw production, Bronte by Moon prove to be a popular and satisfying choice.